CBMS 2018 will have a special industry track session, where we invite (a) scientific papers or (b) demonstrations/posters.

Scientific papers: We invite papers (not exceeding 6 pages in length), describing innovative computer based medical devices or software applications, including practical experiences with such innovations. The papers should be scholarly articles presenting scientific methods, measurements, and experiments. Marketing and sales materials will not be accepted. The papers will be evaluated based on practicality, innovation, scientific rigor, value of the device or application to users, and novelty. Papers will be published in the proceedings of the conference along with the other papers under the industry track.

Examples of such papers could include but are not limited to:

  • Computer-based medical devices that have technical/scientific novelty
  • Computer-based medical applications intended for or recently introduced in the field
  • Novel uses of traditional equipment in practice
  • Experience papers based on use and data from the field
  • Insightful measurement-based analysis of computer-based medical systems from the field
  • Novel analysis providing new insights from data collected from the field
  • New and practical data analytics useful in practice

Demonstrations/posters: A demonstration or poster is more appropriate if the scope of the effort is narrow or if the value can be better expressed with demonstration or poster rather than in a full-length paper. The topics for the demonstration/posters session are the same as the papers for this track. Please submit a one page proposal of your demonstration or poster. We encourage those who are submitting full papers to include their projects in the demo session.


Industry submissions: March 05th, 2018

Industry notifications: April 25th, 2018


Line Melby, SINTEF, Norway

Ricardo Cruz-Correia, Portugal

Contact email: